Deeping St Nicholas Primary School

Diary as of 16 October 2019

18/10/2019End of Term 1

Last day of term

29/10/2019Term 2 starts

Term 2 starts

30/10/2019KS1 Enrichment Morning

KS1 Throwing & Catching Yrs 1-2

05/11/2019Parents Evening

Information will be sent nearer the time.

06/11/2019Parents Evening

Information will be made available nearer the time.

07/11/2019Enrichment Morning Yrs 1-6

New Age Kurling 

12/11/2019Open Day Reception-children Sept 2020

Foor Sept 2020 in take

19/11/2019Book Fair

Book fair 19th Nov to 22nd Nov 2019

04/12/2019KS1 Sports Tournament Yrs1-2

KS1 Throwing & Catching held at Holbeach. Packed lunch required for those taking part.

11/12/2019Sports Tournament

New Age Kurling yrs 1-6. Packed lunch required for those taking part.

13/12/2019EYFS & KS1 Christmas Production

Date changed to Friday 13th December. 2.00pm

18/12/2019Pantomime Trip

Whole school trip provisionally book at South Holland Centre

18/12/2019Pantomime Trip

Letter regarding trip were sent home with pupils 11th September 2019.

Please return permission slip and payment by Wednesday 18th September in order for school to gauge interest. 

19/12/2019Last day of Term 2

Last day of Term 2.

07/01/2020Start of Term 3

Term 3 starts

09/01/2020Enrichment Morning Yrs 3-6

Volleyball Enrichment morning

16/01/2020Enrichment Morning Yrs 3-6

Tchoukball Enrichment

29/01/2020Volleyball Tournament Yrs 3-6

Volleyball Tournament Yrs 3-6. Packed lunch will be required by those taking part. 

05/02/2020Tchoukball Tournament Yrs 3-6

Packed lunch will be required for those participating

14/02/2020End of Term 3

Last day of term 3

24/02/2020Start of Term 4

Sart of Term 4

27/02/2020Enrichment Morning Yrs 3-6

Korfball Enrichment Morning 

05/03/2020Dodgeball Enrichment Morning Yrs 3-6

Dodgeball yrs 3-6

25/03/2020Tournament Yrs 3-6

Korfball Tournament Yrs 3-6

01/04/2020Dodgeball Tournament Yrs 3-6

Children taking part will need to bring a packed lunch.

03/04/2020End of Term 4

Last day of Term 4

20/04/2020Start of Term 5

First day of Term

23/04/2020Enrichment Morning Yrs 2-5

Golf Enrichment

08/05/2020Bank Holiday

School will be closed

20/05/2020Tournament Yrs 2-5

Golf Tournament Yrs 2-5

21/05/2020End of Term 5

Last day of Term 5

01/06/2020Start of Term 6

First day of Term 6

01/06/2020KS1 Enrichment Morning

Mini Olympics Enrichment Morning Yrs 1-2

21/07/2020End of Term 6

Last day of Term 6