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Events and dates

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29/01/2020Volleyball Tournament Yrs 3-6

Volleyball Tournament Yrs 3-6. Packed lunch will be required by those taking part. 

05/02/2020Tchoukball Tournament Yrs 3-6

Packed lunch will be required for those participating

14/02/2020End of Term 3

Last day of term 3

24/02/2020Start of Term 4

Start of Term 4

27/02/2020Enrichment Morning Yrs 3-6

Korfball Enrichment Morning 

05/03/2020Dodgeball Enrichment Morning Yrs 3-6

Dodgeball yrs 3-6

25/03/2020Tournament Yrs 3-6

Korfball Tournament Yrs 3-6

01/04/2020Dodgeball Tournament Yrs 3-6

Children taking part will need to bring a packed lunch.

03/04/2020End of Term 4

Last day of Term 4

20/04/2020Start of Term 5

First day of Term

23/04/2020Enrichment Morning Yrs 2-5

Golf Enrichment

08/05/2020Bank Holiday

School will be closed

20/05/2020Tournament Yrs 2-5

Golf Tournament Yrs 2-5

21/05/2020End of Term 5

Last day of Term 5

01/06/2020Start of Term 6

First day of Term 6

01/06/2020KS1 Enrichment Morning

Mini Olympics Enrichment Morning Yrs 1-2

21/07/2020End of Term 6

Last day of Term 6

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