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The U.K Goverment site provides a lot of information relating to Goverment Departments. Please click HERE for link.  

The Department of Education Link provides Statutory and departmental advise and much more. Please click HERE for link.

The Lincolnshire County Council Website can provide you with lots of information:

Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council

Deeping St Nicholas Church - Click here

Family information service, childcare, children centres, Schools etc

Click HERE for link 

Transport application - click here

Student application - click here

The School Nurse Team is based in Bourne and are available to offer confidential advice on: parenting and behaviour; enuresis (bed wetting;) healthy growth and emotional health and well-being.

Contact number is 01778 394185  website link

Children Services Contact details - click here

Childline-click here

The SEN and Disability Local Offer- click here

Credit Union Information - Click here

Lincolnshire Parent/Carer Forum - Click here

Archaeologist and Historian, Peter Hammond -

Lincolnshire County Council contact numbers kindly supplied by Countynew Magazine

 Deeping's Library Junior Newsletter May2016


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