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Miss Williams - Year Groups 3 and 4

Welcome to the web page for year 3 and year 4.

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Miss Williams' year 3 and year 4 class

Studies Focus - Anglo-Saxons

Our studies topic is the Anglo Saxons this term.

We will be focusing our learning on the following:

  • Who the Anglo-Saxons were and where  they came from

  • Anglo-Saxon culture (including art, music, poetry and legends)
  • Anglo-Saxon beliefs

  • Who were the Picts and Scots?
  • Sutton Hoo - where Archaeologists discovered an Anglo-Saxon burial ship.



As part of this topic the children will also be visiting West Stowe Anglo-Saxon village. 

Learning Logs

Each week (on a Friday), children will be given their Learning Logs to take home. There will be one or two tasks to complete by the following Thursday. The homework tasks will be related to any learning that has or will take place inside the classroom. Therefore, it is important that all children complete their tasks.

It is up to each child how they would like to present their learning tasks each week. Some may prefer to write, some may wish to use a computer, some may wish to illustrate their work. Be creative, but make sure it is presented neatly.

Each week children complete their learning tasks (to a high enough standard), they will earn a star on the Homework Chart.
1 star = Golden Time on Friday afternoon. 




PE lessons will take place on Wednesday afternoons this term.

We have 'Games' this term so will be learning lots of different ball skills and applying these new skills in a variety of different ball games.

Children will need their P.E. kits in school every Wednesday and will need to make sure they have plimsolls or trainers as we will be having some lessons outside.




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