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Mrs Manders- Jones - Squirrels ( EYFS, Year 1 & Year 2)



Autumn Term 1 - Our new topic is...

Environmental heroes!

At the end of last term the children were talking about and showing great interest in Environmental issues they had seen in the news, heard being talked about at home and also sparked off by one of the children saying that they didn't ever collect the toys in Macdonalds Happy Meals because of the pollution these plastic toys made. This prompted lots of discussion and some research as to what was meant by plastic pollution and the term 'single use plastic'. In addition to this awareness and interest, in June our School won the Lincolnshire Environmentalist of the year award and the children had been thinking about what else we could do to build on this award and improve our school grounds further and make it more attractive to other kinds of flora and fauna. This led to the creation of a new rockery area, a huge log pile area and a new minibeast hotel being researched, designed and created by the children themselves. 

So, this term we are building on these interests and developing the children's vocabulary, knowledge and desire to learn more about their local environment and how we can make it a better place for people and wildlife and how our actions in taking care of our local environment can help the world we live in on a bigger scale. We will also be talking and learning about significant individuals who are already themselves, Environmental heroes, educating the world about environmental issues and what we can do to help and take care of our planet. We will be learning about the life and work of David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Greta Thunberg - someone that has made a difference even at a young age - a role model that our children can relate to. We will be taking part in some of Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots projects and also doing some fundraising for Roots and Shoots. 

So....... Yr1,2 and EYFS...... come and be an Environmental Hero!


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