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Mrs Manders- Jones - Year Groups EYFS and Year 1




Our new topic is - 

Birds! BIRDS! Birds! 

This term we have taken the children's interest in birds and made it our topic. The children had found a bird box and some binoculars and a bird book in the outdoor play area shed and been asking questions about birds- what they eat, the kinds of birds that are around the school grounds and what the binoculars are for. So we have based our terms learning all around birds. 

We have looked at different garden birds in books and learnt the names and features of common garden birds. We have made bird tables out of wood and nails, using our hammering and woodwork skills. We have made fat balls and looked at and explored the different foods birds eat, looking carefully at different seeds and mealworms, hoping to to entice more birds to come to visit our school. We have also learnt that birds eat worms and watched videos of birds pulling worms out the ground which led to an afternoon of worm collecting and investigation using magnifying glasses. LlWe have described common garden birds and played bird Bingo to help us learn the names of birds and even made some clay models of birds using the pinch pot technique. 

 Next week we will be learning about owls and the following week about more unusual birds that the children want to learn about including flamingoes, parrots and Pterodactyl! The children have seen bird kites and bird puppets in books so we have lots of making to do this term! 






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