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Mrs Manders- Jones - Year Groups EYFS and Year 1




Our new topic is - 

Outer Space

Baboon on the Moon and Toys in Space 


This term we are learning all about OUTER SPACE.

We will be basing our literacy around the short film Baboon on the Moon and the story Toys in Space. We will be talking, role playing and whiting about the characters, talking about and drawing story settings for the stories and ordering the events of the stories, orally retelling and ordering pictures before writing our own versions. We will be writing instructions for baboon to make a cup of tea, some porridge for his breakfast and how to make the moonshine machine work. We will also be thinking what it would be like for Baboon living on the moon on his own and writing him letters and postcards to cheer him up.

In Technology and Art we will be making him a new trumpet to play misic to the planets Earth, designing and making our own Moonshine machines,  creating a rocket for baboon to fly home in, making a coil pot mug for his cup of tea, creating space pictures and painting portraits for him to put up in his house. We will be using Atlases to find the Continent and country that baboon comes from and talking about the natural environment of a baboon as well as finding out simple facts about baboons to make a simple factfile.

In maths we will be learning about numbers to 20 by partitioning them into 10 and a 'bit', ordering numbers, learning how to write numbers and talking about how it is important to get the numbers the correct way round when we record them, matching number names to numerals, and counting objects touching and saying one number for each object we count, counting objects we can move and thosewe cant. We are also learning to add and subtract one digit numbers and record out number sentences.

PE days are Monday and Thursday and the children need PE kit in school for these days.







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