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Mrs Manders- Jones - Year Groups EYFS and Year 1




Term 3 - Our new topic is - 


Invent Something New!

This term's topic is all about inventing and making new things.

We will be inventing and making new things each week, a new kind of vehicle, a new fairground ride, a new pizza and sandwich, a new musical instrument or one man band, a way of helping a bird with a poorly wing fly again and a new kind of medicine (Like Georges marvellous medicine). We will be using the Internet to research what has already been invented, talk about differences and similarities in designs, come up with some new creative ideas, have a go at making them, evaluate our model as and most importantly using these discussions to improve or adapt our designs.

We will also be learning about the history of bicycles, planes, trains and cars. 

In maths we will be covering multiplication and division, statistics and shape In yr2 and Yr 1s will be covering Addition and Subtraction and Shape.

EYFS children are learning about Mr Men. We will be reading the stories of the Mr Men, acting out the stories and making up our own. We will also be learning about measuring and comparing lengths and heights with Mr Tall and Mr Short, doing messy activities with Mr Messy learning about mud, paint mixtures and slime, learning about healthy living with Miss healthy and learning about building and construction with Miss Construct. We will also be learning about the shapes of the Mr Men, naming shapes and creating patterns with shapes. We are also trying to be Mr Men demonstrating effective characteristics in our play and learning - Mr Bump who keeps on trying, Mis Curious who asks questions, Mr Adventure who tries different ways of doing things and Mr Happy who is proud of what he does to name a few. 

PE days are Monday (outside PE )

and Tuesday (Gymnastics )







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