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Mrs Manders- Jones - Year Groups EYFS and Year 1




Term 5 - Our new topic is - 

Let's go on holiday!! 

This terms topic is a geography topic. We are going to be making some passports in the first week then sharing our own knowledge and experiences of countries around the world then deciding as a class which countries we want to visit and learn more about. We have our role play area set up as a Travel agents, complete with brochures and maps of the world so the children can browse the brochures and find out more about different countries and places and book their fantasy holiday. We will be learning the names of continents and oceans and about the climates in different parts of the world as well as learning about the culture, landmarks, food and physical features of different countries. We will learn how to use Google Earth, atlases, compasses and maps and even do some cooking and food tasting. 

                                                             Come on..... Let's go on holiday.... Where shall we go first? 


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