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Mrs Manders- Jones - Year Groups EYFS and Year 1




Term 2 - Our new topic is - 

Stories and Sculptures

This term year 1 and 2 children are learning about sculptures. We will be looking at sculptures from around the world, and looking at the stories behind them. We will be looking at the Totempoles and the stories behind the characters on different totem poles and making up our own stories about the SuperheroThunderbird that features at the top of many TotempolespoleS. We will also be learning about Theseus and the Minotaur sculptures, using inference from the details and the characters in different sculptures to guess what the story might be about, The little mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen in Denmark and The Wawal the dragon sculpture in Krakow in Poland. We will also be using Google Earth to discover where they are in the world and making our own sculptures of Wawal the dragon out of clay, Totempole characters out of junk modelling and papier mache and also making paintings and pictures of Theseus and the Minotaur and the Little mermaid. We will be retell ins the stories through orally reselling, puppet shows and drama activities.

EYFS children are learning about Mr Men. We will be reading the stories of the Mr Men, acting out the stories and making up our own. We will also be learning about measuring and comparing lengths and heights with Mr Tall and Mr Short, doing messy activities with Mr Messy learning about mud, paint mixtures and slime, learning about healthy living with Miss healthy and learning about building and construction with Miss Construct. We will also be learning about the shapes of the Mr Men, naming shapes and creating patterns with shapes. We are also trying to be Mr Men demonstrating effective characteristics in our play and learning - Mr Bump who keeps on trying, Mis Curious who asks questions, Mr Adventure who tries different ways of doing things and Mr Happy who is proud of what he does to name a few. 

PE days are still Monday (outside PE ) and Friday (inside PE - dance)







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