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After School Clubs

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After School Clubs

Term 6 Clubs 2017/2018 will run from Monday 4th June to Thursday 12th July. Please refer to letter (see below for link) as dates will vary.

Full fees are payable in advance to school.


Multi Sports

Club Leaders Lauren Day (qualified Sports and Gymnastics Teacher).

Suitable for all Year Groups.

Variety of indoor and outdoor sports.

Special offer fee £1.50 per child, per week (normal cost £3.00 per child, per week).

Lunchtime Gardening Group

 Club Leader Mrs Jones

Suitable for all year groups

No charge for this club


Gymnastic Club

Club Leader Lauren Day (qualified Sports and Gymnastics Teacher).

Suitable for all year groups.

Special Offer fee £1.50 per child, per week (normal cost £3.00 per child, per week).


Board Game

Club Leader - Teaching Staff

Suitable for year group 3 - 6.

There is no charge for this club.

NO CLUB 10th July



Street Dance

Club Leader The Polka Dots Dance Academy

Suitable for all age groups

Special offer fee £1.50 per week per child (normal cost £3.00 per wek per child)

 No CLUB 27th June


Lunch Club - J Club

Run by local Churches.

Every 2nd Wednesday in month.

Club will run for 30 minutes. There will be craft, songs, games and sometimes a DVD around a bible theme. There will also be a prayer at the close.



Mindfulness Colouring

Club Leader Mrs Bandey

Suitable for Year 1 to Year 4 groups.

50P per week, per child.

NO Club 12th July


Code Club

Club Leader Mr Neave

Club will encourage and support the development of basic programming skills for children aged between 9 and 11.

Suitable for year 5 and 6.

NO CLUB 12th July  

For further information on any activity please contact the school office.


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