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About Us

About Us

Thank you for taking an interest in Deeping St Nicholas Primary School.

The school opened on 2 January 1877 and Mr Hanley, the Head teacher wrote in the school log:

"I commenced school this morning with 5 children and found that they had never been to school, and consequently were totally ignorant."

We are unlikely to find such comments written about any school today!

My own guardianship of the school began on 1 September 1998. There were 51 children on roll, and unlike Mr Hanley I found the children eager to learn, very friendly and supportive of one another. In the years since, I have met a wide range of people who have taught and/or learned within these walls. My own Infant Headmistress, Miss Beeton, started her teaching career here in the 1950s, and we have made contact with several other teachers, including one with a very old hot cross bun! It is fascinating to learn from the past, particularly through personal testimonies as some of the school log books have been lost over time.

Everyone that I have met has described the warm, friendly atmosphere that is an essential part of the school. It is our hope that all new families find the school welcoming and friendly. We encourage visitors to come and see what we have to offer for themselves, but this brochure is a starting point for those thinking of getting to know us better.

For those of you unfamiliar with small schools, they are different! You will need to balance our many strengths against the challenges we face with a small team and an increasingly tight budget. We believe that every one of our children has the space to grow and develop in a caring community knowing that s/he is a valued member of our school family. Everyone cares genuinely about their development and is dedicated to helping all children reach their full potential.

We recognise that parents and carers have an equally important part to play in the education of children and expect that we will work in partnership together. We encourage active participation in a child's education with three formal parents' evening each year. We also have many informal discussions during the course of the year, and hope this forges positive relationships between home and school which benefit the child. A group of parents has also started FODSNPS (Friends of Deeping St Nicholas Primary School) who have raised approximately £1000 each year to support the life of the school.

Our Ofsted Reports are available on the Ofsted site for you to consider. It is unlikely that you will find details of our results in League Tables as we rarely have more than 10 children in a year group. Results of cohorts less than 10 are not published in order to make sure that these children are not identifiable.

We measure the success of our children in many ways. Our first measurement is the size of their smiles! Of course SATs results are important, but so is having the opportunity to take part in sports competitions with other local small schools, or taking the lead in a school production. Everyone is good at something, and we try to explore as many avenues as possible in order for every child to know what it feels like to be proud of an achievement and receive recognition from their peers.

As a Head teacher with a considerable teaching commitment, I may not always be available during the school day as I have a responsibility to the children I teach. However, Mrs Ecob, our school administrator, is able to make appointments for you to see me, or organise school tours herself.

We are currently updating our school website where you will be able to see for yourself some of the exciting learning that takes place. We will happily answer any enquires by telephone or email.

I look forward to working with you.

Anita Bandey


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